Edibles have come a long way. Back in the day everyone was buying pot brownies off the hippy dude down the street. But, it’s 2020 now and edibles are perfectly packaged under bright lights and sold at dispensaries that look like an Apple store. And it doesn’t stop there. Infused foods and drinks from cannabis kitchens are popping up around the country offering everything from medicated pizza and entrees to delicious snacks and bubbly beverages.

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Edibles are a popular option for stoners who don’t want to toke. You can completely avoid carcinogens and combustion when you opt to eat your weed. It’s also a great way to track your intake because edibles bought at dispensaries are clearly labeled so you know if it was made with indica or sativa and how much THC vs.CBD is in each dose.

If you’re a longtime smoker, be prepared for a different feeling, because edibles are metabolized differently than inhaled cannabis. And don’t assume you need a high dose to feel something. Almost every stoner has an “I ate too many edibles” story. So, start small and give it time to kick in (about 1-2 hours.)

Our page on edibles explores tons of easy-to-follow recipes to try at home, and information and reviews on store-bought options.

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