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Interested in learning more about how cannabis is grown? Get the inside scoop on the many-moving factors that influence the best bud around. From drying and curing methods to the latest cultivation technology, our industry experts report on everything you need to know.

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Homegrown Weed Gardens Are Becoming Increasingly Popular During Lockdown

The gardening boom ala’ COVID-19 has extended to the world of weed. Coronavirus ‘Victory Gardens’ have officially become a thing. Twitter is twittering with posts...
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What Is Marijuana Shake And How Can I Use It?

A master chef can take scraps and make a meal, right? Well, marijuana shake is a little like that -- the scraps of your...
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Does Flushing Nutrients Before Harvest Improve Taste?

There’s a longtime practice among cannabis growers to “flush” nutrients before harvest to improve taste. Why? The thinking has been that any leftover fertilizer...
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Colorado Governor Shares Advice On Cultivating Cannabis Bonsai Plants

If you’ve ever needed proof that elections matter, look to Colorado. Not only has the state been a shining example of successful legalization, its...
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How To Identify The Sex Of Your Marijauna Plant

There’s a good reason to know the sex of marijuana plants. While growers may want to breed different strains, buds with seeds aren’t good...
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How Greenhouse Tech Allows More Cost-Effective Production Of Higher Quality Marijuana

Isn’t technology great? Today you can summon a car, food, weed, or just about anything with your index finger. Tech has played...
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Drying and Curing Weed: How To Do It Properly

Growing weed is one thing, but preparing it for consumption is another. If you’re clipping buds and dropping them straight into your...
How to Grow Autoflower Marijuana Plants

How to Grow Autoflowering Pot Plants

There are many types of seed used to grow cannabis. Some create male plants, some female, some hermaphrodite, and each has its role in...

Cannabis cultivation is honestly an art form. The quality of your supplies and technique directly correlate with the quality of your end product. As medical marijuana and recreational use spread across the country, more and more everyday stoners have the opportunity to legally grow their marijuana at home. Though investing in lights, soil, nutrients, and other various supplies is an upfront cost, it can be sustainable savings for those who regularly purchase marijuana from a dispensary, not to mention, a cool hobby.

First, you’ve got to lock down a spot. An indoor grow is typically the best option because you can control the climate, and outdoor weather conditions aren’t always suitable- especially year-round. Next, decide on what strain(s) you’d like to grow. Both indica and sativa can be grown indoors or outdoors in various mediums. Mediums include hydroponic growing methods like Deep Water Culture Hydroponics or Coco coir- a great start for beginners. And then you’ve got maintenance techniques to decide on, like Screen of Green (ScrOG), low-stress training, and super cropping.

Whew! Don’t get intimidated. It sounds like a lot, but we’re here to help.

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