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Explore the world of dabbing with help from Stoner Things. Our articles will help you hone in on your technique, perfect your dab seshs, discover the latest and best dab tools, and teach you about how concentrates are made.

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Flower vs Dabs

The Results Are In: Here’s How Many People Now Prefer Concentrates Over Flower

For as long as there have been concentrates, there has been debate as to which is “better” -- a concentrate or old fashioned flower....

Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Inserts Product Review

Dab tech is constantly changing and expanding to offer a more flavorful and refined dabbing experience for concentrate enthusiasts. The latest in a long...
Dabtabs review

Dab Tabs: The Dabbing Innovation Revolutionizing Usage and Dosing

The cannabis industry is always working towards revolutionizing and simplifying the way we use cannabis products. One of the newest technologies to hit the...
residual solvents cannabis concentrates

What you need to know about leftover solvents in cannabis concentrates

Last year, there was a huge scare over the adverse side effects on people caused by leftover solvents found in cannabis extracts -- specifically,...
high thc strains dont get you higher

Do Strains with High THC Actually Get You Higher? This Study Says Not Necessarily

What we’re learning about the endocannabinoid system is that it is both complicated and yet simple. That is, the principles of how it works...
What is kief

What Is Kief and What Are The Best Ways to Collect and Use It?

Today it’s easy to find all manner of concentrates, in a wide variety of formats. Shatter, wax, live resin, and a wide assortment of...
THC Diamonds

What Are THC Diamonds and How Are These Super-Potent Cannabis Concentrates Made?

If you’ve been to a dispensary any time recently, there’s a good chance that you found a variety of concentrates on the shelves. Live...
dab university yo dabba dabba

Dab University: Putting The Cool Back in School

Getting into the world of dab tech can be a bit of a challenge. With new technologies, equipment types, and an ever-growing...

The newest niche in stoner culture is quickly evolving. Though the concept of dabbing has been around for decades, it’s a fairly new style of consuming cannabis when compared to smoking flower. And it’s slightly more complex.

Concentrates are just that- concentrated amounts of THC made through various extraction processes. Common techniques include using solvents like butane, cryogenically freezing fresh flower, and utilizing innovative and expensive equipment like closed-loop extraction machines.

Concentrates come in many consistencies and potencies based on their manufacturing method. That’s where terms like shatter, crumble, and rosin come in.

There are a bunch of moving parts when it comes to actually taking a dab. First, you need all the right tools. This generally includes a rig, nail, carb cap, dabber, and torch. Then, you’ve got to get comfortable with the torch and the heat-up and cool-down times that work best with your accessories. Luckily, there are a ton of resources and even free lessons that will show you what’s up.

Dab University Yo Dabba Dabba

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