The giveaways keep coming on fast and furious at #weedwednesday, and do we have something cool for you this week! It’s called the Wulf Tundra, and it may just change the way you view vaping forever!

This week’s prize is only the latest in a long line of fabulous giveaways that have made #weedwednesday one of the most eagerly anticipated promotions of its kind on the Internet today. Read the review below to find out more about the Wulf Tundra and check back next week for another cool #weedwednesday prize!

How to Win

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Want a chance to win the unique and innovative Wulf Tundra? It’s as simple as could be! Browse over to our Facebook page, leave a comment, and wait for the results! Check back as well for even more great #weedwednesday giveaways!

The Wulf Tundra is vaporizer perfection!

Wulf TundraWith so many high-quality vaporizers available on the market today, new models can be easy to overlook. This is definitely not the case with the Wulf Tundra, which practically begs you to pick it up and take it for a spin! Billed as a dry herb vaporizer, the Wulf Tundra is a marvel of simplicity and portability, eschewing the current trend towards tall, bulky, and multi-featured devices. If your taste in vaporizers tends toward the lean, mean, and portable, the Wulf Tundra fits the bill perfectly.

Comes with a useful accessories kit

The Wulf Tundra comes in a kit that offers everything you could possibly want – or need –  in order to ensure a totally satisfactory vaporizing experience. A useful cleaning tool is provided that keeps your vaporizer spotlessly clean at all times. A mini-USB charger ensures that the Wulf Tundra is always charged up and ready to go. The box also comes with 5 mouthpiece tips for entertaining friends, and 5 replacement screens.

Speaking of the box, you might want to hold onto it, as aside from providing handy storage for the Wulf Tundra, it contains some very useful directions for operating your vape. In fact, the directions printed on the box’s bottom are quite a bit more helpful than the printed manual that comes with the package, so it is a good idea to hold on to it as you familiarize yourself with your unit.

Heats up in one minute

When using the Wulf Tundra, you will first have to set it to the desired temperature and let it heat up for about a minute. You will then have to push the button to turn on the heat, and push it again to turn it off. Once you reach the ideal temperature, you can go ahead and take a hit.

In many ways, the Wulf Tundra is more like a plug-in vaporizer than a vaporizer pen. It can quickly get pretty hot, so cooling it down between loads is advisable. With temperature ranges from 360°F to 420°F, you should be able to find the setting that best suits your needs.

All in all, the Wulf Tundra provides excellent performance in a durable and reliable package. For vaporizing on-the-go and even at home, you can’t go wrong with this unique and interesting model. You can grab a Wulf Tundra at Legal Smoke Shop.

Check out this useful video showing how the Wulf Wundra works.

XXX OG Strain Review

XXX OGWith a name like that, you can bet that XXX OG is a strain to be reckoned with! Delivering a heavyweight’s knockout punch, this amazingly potent strain also has a sweet and minty aroma that amazingly gives way to an earthy, coffee-like flavor when smoked. Capable of more than just power and potency, XXX OG can be remarkably subtle when it needs to be.

The appearance of the bud alone is enough to impress. With dense and sticky buds covered in rich, fuzzy trichomes, pointy leaves, and a beguiling green and orange hue, XXX OG looks like it means serious business. As impressive as its appearance may be, however, it is when you fire it up that XXX OG truly shows off its remarkable properties.

Like all indicas, XXX OG has a definitive body-oriented high, making it ideally suited for inducing sleep, enhancing relaxation, and relieving pain. That being said, the strain does not leave you feeling drowsy and sluggish as most indicas tend to do, giving you a clear and focused high that keeps you alert and clear-headed even as it relaxes you. If you want the medicating properties and powerful body high of a good indica, but want to retain the clarity and focus necessary to perform routine tasks, you can’t go wrong with XXX OG.

Even if you prefer sativas for the clean and clear ‘head’ high, XXX OG is well worth checking out. With its winning combination of flavor, aroma and potency, this is one strain that you will want to come back to again and again.

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