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Win the incredible Incredibowl M420!

incredibowl m420One of the most exciting and innovative companies in the herbal accessories business, Incredibowl Industries, has made quite a splash with its highly innovative i420 pipe system. With its state-of-the-art performance, advanced filtration system, and durable design, the i420 took traditional pipe technology a huge step forward into the 21st century. Since its introduction, the i420 has remained one of the most advanced pipe systems in existence.

That said, the i420 isn’t exactly handy, and the market clamored for a model that provided the same outstanding combination of features, performance and durability, but in a more portable and convenient form. The public has spoken, Incredibowl listened, and the result is the pocket-sized Incredibowl m420.

Loaded with features

Don’t let the cute and cuddly form factor fool you: the m420 is every bit the state-of-the-art pipe solution that the i420 was, but with the addition of some helpful new features. If you are a fan of the i420 but frequently found yourself wishing that you could have that power and performance on-the-go, the Incredibowl m420 will be right up your alley.

Ultimate convenience

The Incredibowl m420 measures a mere six inches in length, which makes it handy for slipping into your pocket, purse or backpack. Apart from its convenience, the main thing that the m420 has going for it is its modular design. Reminiscent of those cheap aluminum pipes comprised of interlocking pieces, the m420 can be fitted with a host of different accessories that greatly add to its performance and functionality. Although it works well enough on its own – spectacularly, in fact – it is as part of a comprehensive pipe system that the m420 truly comes into its own.

Award Winning

The key to the power and efficiency of the m420 – and the i420 before it – is the spring-loaded mechanism that pushes clean air through the pipe. This results in a smooth and powerful stream of smoke that is remarkable both in flavor and potency. Judges at the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup definitely agreed, voting the Incredibowl m420 the top spot in the Best Product category.

To find out more about the Incredibowl m420, visit the Incredibowl website. You could also order one from Legal Smoke Shop.


Kryptonite OG Review

With a name that will make even the hardiest man of steel break out in a sweat, the Kryptonite OG is a strain that definitely packs a punch. An indica in every sense of the word, this interesting variation of the legendary OG Kush gives off thick, rich plumes of smoke or vapor, depending on your ingestion method of choice.

kryptonite OG incredibowl m420

Even at first glance, there is no mistaking Kryptonite OG for anything other than the potent, high-quality strain that it is. The overall color is a pale green interspersed with patches of lighter tones throughout, all dusted over with a delectably tempting frosting of trichomes. Kryptonite OG’s quality is clearly obvious from its looks alone.

As impressive as the appearance of Kryptonite OG is, it won’t prepare you for the full sensory experience – some would say ‘bombardment’ – once you light up. The first draw gives you a rich and pleasantly powerful citrus flavor, with a host of other notes adding interesting counterpoints. But it is in terms of the high that Kryptonite OG truly shows off its proud lineage.

Like all indicas, Kryptonite OG is way more about the body high than the mental high, and it is probably better suited for those times when you don’t have anything to do and you don’t mind being immobile for a couple of hours. With a very respectable THC content of 25%, Kryptonite OG is a great choice for the management of pain and muscle spasms, and for relieving anxiety and insomnia. Although it can knock you out if you’re not careful, the experience is always pleasant and never overbearingly powerful.

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