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Today, we offer you Headdies’  Dab Vac, which takes vaporizer technology to a whole new level. Keep checking out #weedwednesday for more fabulous offers!

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The latest in vaporizer-tech

dab-vac-bowl-wand headdiesStill debating whether to stick to your trusty water pipe or to switch over to the performance of a quality vaporizer? With Headdies’ Dab Vac, you can have both!

The Dab Vac is a water pipe adapter that gives you the ability to vaporize a wide range of concentrates with your own water pipe. That’s right: if you have a favorite water pipe that you are reluctant to give up, fitting it with a Dab Vac will give you the same convenience and efficient performance of a state-of-the-art vaporizer.

The company behind Dab Vac, Headdies, bills the device as an “innovative new way to vaporizer concentrates”, and we’re inclined to agree. A water pipe add-on that serves both as a nail and a dabber, the Dab Vac can easily be fitted onto most types of water pipes.

The primary component of Headdies’ Dab Vac is the high-quality joint made of precision-crafted German glass. The joints are available in 14mm or 19mm sizes, in ‘male’ and ‘female’ configurations. Connecting the joint to the water pipe is a glass conduit containing a silicon tube of superior medical grade. This, in turn, contains the Quartz wand that serves as the dabber on the end of the device.

Check out this cool demo put together by Headdies

If you are new to the glass-on-glass mode of dabbing, using Headdies’ Dab Vac will be nothing short of a revelation. With the wand serving as the source of heat, the Dab Vac offers a number of advantages over the common titanium nail-plus-dabber designs. For one thing, you get more precise control over the dab size, simply by varying the amount of time you hold the wand to the concentrate. If you are tired of having to eyeball your dabs in order to get just the right amount, the ease and precision offered by the Dab Vac is truly a joy to experience.

Because the Dab Vac is so efficient, wastage is also minimized. The wand design itself reduces wastage, but the built-in glass dish allows you to stretch your stash even further. And the dish is never heated, so you don’t waste anything on burn off from the nail.

Headdies’ Dab Vac is a truly innovative product that should be a welcome addition to anyone’s arsenal of quality weed accessories. To find out more about the Dab Vac, check out the full review here,

Bubba Kush Review

Bubba KushOne of the most revered strains in pot culture for more than 30 years, Bubba Kush is one of those strains whose reputation is well-deserved indeed. The potent and heady indica-dominant hybrid offers just the perfect blend of flavor and intensity that everyone is looking for in a quality bud. It’s hardly surprising then that a huge chapter in stoner lore is devoted to this fascinating strain.

The origin of Bubba Kush is itself steeped in legend. The story goes that the strain came to being when a Los Angeles grower named Bubba unintentionally allowed a hermaphroditic Kush to germinate his own Bubba strain. The accident turned out to be a fortuitous one, and the resulting hybrid was like nothing else that came before or since. Combining the best qualities of the stout and robust Bubba with the lankier and potent Kush, Bubba Kush was every bit the legend that its heritage would suggest.

Bubba Kush is characterized by a deep dark green hue, with a slight dark purple undertone. The buds are usually heavily covered with bright orange hairs and crystalline trichromes. In terms of flavor, Bubba Kush can be said to have lightly dank qualities, with a sweet first hit. The perfume like fragrance may not be to everyone’s tastes, but there is no mistaking the quality of the bouquet. Like most other indica-dominant hybrid strains, Bubba Kush provides a bit of a drowsy, couch-lock effect, but the potent high definitely makes up for it.

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