Last week’s Stoner Things‘ contest was to caption this photo:


We had some great entries from people, but our three favorite were:

3. Kenny Rhymes: “Maybe I should have spent these two dollars on blunt wraps….”

2. Brandon Reed: “The finer things in life come in green!”

1. Matt Buck: “Shitty grinder.”


Congratulations, guys. Keep an eye out on Facebook so we can message you for details on getting your FREE Sherlock Pipe, sponsored by Legal Smoke Shop!

Which reminds us, for this week’s contest you could win a FREE Six Shooter Style Grinder from Legal Smoke Shop!

Win me!
Win me!


So how do you win?

For this week’s contest, in the spirit of Thanksgiving you have to caption this photo:

Stoner Things thanksgiving

Got it? Make it bigger if you need to. Better? Good. Same rules as last time! Your job is to caption it; just think of the funniest, cleverest, best caption you can! Either comment here or head over to the Stoner Things Facebook Page.  At the end of the week we’ll pick our three favorite captions and those people will each* get a FREE Six Shooter Style Grinder!

*You can enter multiple ideas but each person can only win once.


Remember, each week a new contest, each week a new opportunity to win free shit. #weedwednesday


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