Hey there, Stoners! Now, it’s only September… So it may not be snowing where you’re at… But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy with something frosty.

Haaave you heard of White Fire OG? Although this strain is dreamy it won’t leave you drowsy- perfect for social and creative activities. It’s also great for treating anxiety, depression, appetite loss, and any kind of pain. Also known as WiFi OG, this strain has a sour, earthy, diesel aroma and a ton of resin production that leaves buds covered in a enough crystals that you might mistake it for snow! Seriously, take a look at this bud.. Makes you want to kick your feet up and blaze it!White Fire

Overall, this strain is Supa HOT FIRE! Get your hands on some. ASAP.

So now that you’re dying for some White Fire, what are you gonna smoke it with?


This week you could win an Incredibowl m420! If you’re not familiar with Incredibowl… you damned well should be. The m420 is the pocket sized version of the Incredibowl i420. This sweet little smoking device has a sturdy design with patented filtration- it’s easy to clean and delivers an ultra smooth smoking experience. The m420 is a favorite with everyone-connoisseurs and casual smokers alike. It’s even won the Best Product award at the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup.

Entering the contest is simple- just leave us a comment below OR check out the Stoner Thing’s Facebook page. Find the contest post, tagged #WeedWednesday, and leave a comment there. Whether you’re telling us how much you love to smoke or what your first pet’s name is, we just want to hear from you! Ready? Go forth, Stoners!

And remember, you could be higher.



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