What’s good, Stoners? We had some great feedback on last week’s Weed Wednesday post, and we wanna say Thank You for the love! This week, we are giving out even more prizes! Four lucky winners this week are going to receive one of these glass chillums! Pretty cool deal, huh?

chillumsIt’s been a while since we’ve told you guys a story, and you need to hear a story!

So the year is 1938… Clark Kent is stressed out. He’s got pressure from his Mom and Dad, a job, and a freakin’ planet to take care of. One day, Clark is kickin’ it with his hoodrat friends, when somebody sparks up a jay and starts passing it around. It goes along the circle and eventually comes to Clark. Clark is a big boy, and he’s gotta prove he’s tough-plus he’d really just like to mellow out! Anyways… he takes a couple BIG ASS hits and next thing ya know, he’s locked on the couch for 8 hours listening to Glenn Miller. And that my friends, is how Superman came to fear Kryptonite.

Okay, okay, not a single word of that is true. But what is true- how incredible this strain is. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Kryptonite OG.

Kryptonite OG is a heavyy hitting indica hybrid. Kryptonite rings in at 25% THC and will get. you. stoned. It sparkles with trichomes, and has an awesome, earthy, piney aroma. It’s great for patients with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. It’s a knock out you’ve gotta try!Kryptonite og

So don’t forget to enter this weeks contest! You know the drill! And if you don’t, head over to our Facebook page and comment on this post! You’ll find it pinned to the top of our timeline! If you’re not into Facebook, go ahead and leave a comment below!

Thank you for playing, and have a great week stoners! Remember… you could be higher.


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