There comes a time in every stoners life where they leave behind cheap Bic lighters, 99 cent rolling papers and storing their stash in empty pickle jars. Fortunately for you, this weeks contest gives you a  chance to WIN an entire package of products, compliments of our friends over at 420 Science. They’re great guys- started the company from the ground up 10 years ago and have since made some huge moves in the business, from creating the official stash jar at the High Times Cannabis Cup for 8 years running to designing custom jars for big name groups such as 311 and Slightly Stoopid. About that package… It’s like a box of happiness. It’s packed with surprises- including jars, smoke soap, cool stickers, and a bunch of other goodies! You get the goods without laying down the cash. All your friends will be jealous!Jack Herer

Whats a Weed Wednesday post without a strain review?

Now, you may already have a favorite sativa strain… but have you tried Jack Herer?

This sativa dominant hybrid made its debut at a Dutch pharmacy in the mid 90’s. In the following years, Jack Herer created quite the reputation with its spicy, pine scent, potency, and quality of the strain. Jack Herer has great lineage too- a combination of a Haze hybrid and a Northern Lights #5/Shiva Skunk cross- with the cerebral elevation of a light sativa and heavy resin production common to indica. That background also makes Jack Herer perfect for expending an array of unique phenotypes with particular features and effects.

And don’t forget the actual Jack Herer, a legendary, life-long activist and author of “The Hemperor Wears No Clothes”. Jack passed away in 2010 after years of heart problems, but throughout his life he was an advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis. Herer believe cannabis to be an incredible renewable resource for fuel, food, and medicine. He even ran for President of the USA twice! Jack Herer was a great promoter in the green industry.

But about that contest mentioned earlier…. Its really easy to enter. For those of you on Facebook, go check out the Stoner Things page, find this weeks contest post, and follow the directions posted! If you’re not on the Facebook bandwagon, don’t stress! Tell us what your favorite strain is in the comments below! It’s that simple.

Thank you for stopping by, and remember, you could be higher.



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