ATTENTION STONERS: Have we got a treat for you!

It’s a great week out here. We’ve got a great strain to review plus awesome prizes! This week we are selecting not one… not two.. but THREE lucky winners! That’s right. Three stoners are each going to receive a two pack of Doob Tubes. Girl Scout Cookies

Ok, so are you ready to hear about this strain?! Coolio.

Girl Scout Cookies, otherwise known as GSC, is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This strain has a reputation – for good reason – it started out in California but it’s being sparked up across the world now! Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, earthy aroma that’s sure to draw you in then launch you to the top of euphoria tower. Seriously though, full body relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies takes a hint from its OG heritage, and a little goes a looooong way. The THC heights have locked in more than a few Cannabis Cup awards. For the medical users out there though, Girl Scout Cookies is also very helpful with pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Girl Scout Cookies expresses its beauty with fiery orange hairs, purple leaves, and twisting green calyxes. It’s a knock out strain, definitely pick some up and give it a try. Oh, and make sure you have enough Samoa’s and Do-Si-Dos to satisfy your munchies!


There are also a couple different phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies… But we will get into that at a later time!

Now, how about those Doob Tubes mentioned before? They’re amazing for smokers on the go – Doob Tubes are air-tight, water resistant, and odor free! They’re small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and keep your stuff fresh. Trust us, you’re gonna love them.

So how do you win them? Make sure you stop by the Facebook page, find this post (it will be at the top, there’s no way you can miss it) and post a comment. Easy! And for those of you that don’t have a Facebook, go ahead and leave a comment on this post!

And as always, you could be higher.



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