Hey Stoners! It’s my favorite day of the week. Now before you tell me that Friday is the best day, hear me out. Wednesdays are the middle point – Boss man is cooling off and heading downhill after coming in Monday morning ready to be back, and everyone else in their right mind is feeling better with Friday just around the corner. Plus, it’s Hump Day. PLUS its National Filet Mignon day annndd National Left Handers day. PLUS its the day Stoner Things gives out FREE STUFF. Highlight – FREE STUFF.

We all know Rihanna loves weed and maybe this strain was her inspiration for Diamonds. Diamond OG is quite a gem – it’s potent and long lasting. Diamond OG is a true indica and is sure to nix any pain or muscle spasms and allow you to sink into a lazy, full body relaxation high. Couch lock not your thing? In small doses, Diamond OG can leave you mentally euphoric.  It has a nice citrus-pine aroma that is supported by fuel undertones. The nugs are sparkling with trichomes – that combined with their strong odor and you’ll definitely wanna show these beauties off! So how did Diamond OG win the genetic lottery?! Obviously, OG Kush was involved but the rest remains a mystery – guess we will never know!

Diamond OG

All you Dabaholics out there are gonna be stoked- this week we are handing out a NoGoo flat mat AND our friends at Yo Dabba Dabba are giving out a sweet paper clip dabber! No more glass pieces sliding around! No more parchment paper! No more wax wasted because you couldn’t get it off your dabber or out of its container! No more using random tools to dab with!

So you wanna win? Head over to our Facebook page, find this post, and like it! Don’t have a Facebook? Never fear, just leave a comment here on this post and tell us why you love to dab!

Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Remember, you could be higher.


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