What up stoners? Now, now, we all know you’ve been counting the days since last week, and we are here to tell you that yes, Weed Wednesday has come once again! Three great reasons to love today:

1) Its humpday! It’s all downhill from here.

2) National Cheesecake Day! Seriously, who knew?

3) FREE STUFF- This week we are giving out a DaVinci Vaporizer!

Have you ever been hit so hard by a high you thought your head was gonna fall off? No? That’s exactly what Purple Master does. This indica dominant hybrid delivers an immediate, intense, long lasting high so don’t plan on getting much done after sparking some. These nugs are crazy beautiful and has major bag appeal – purple trichomes and orange hairs alll ovvaaaa the place. Not much to complain about.

Purple-MasterSo you wanna win? Head over to our Facebook page, find this #weedwednesday post, and leave us a comment. It can be anything – your favorite place to smoke, a cat picture, hell, you can tell us what you ate for breakfast! And for those of you without a Facebook, just comment below!

Remember, you could be higher…


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