Calling all hybrid lovers: We have the perfect strain for you. NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough hooked up and made something incredible: Strawberry Diesel.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? It looks pretty f’king delightful too.

Strawberry Diesel

It gets better – this hybrid is intense and fast acting, even seasoned stoners may want to take it easy when trying it out. The Diesel side of this strain gives you a sharp, energetic head buzz and awakens your senses while the Strawberry comes in with a sweet mental uplift. This strain is highly potent, and will last for hours. Its also highly tasty – Strawberry Diesel takes traits from both parents with its fruity scent and diesel-like taste.


These beautiful nugs are smothered in trichomes and bright orange fuzz. This strain grows great indoors, and flowers between 9 and 10 weeks.

Strawberry Diesel is a great strain for both day and night smoking, as it allows users to relax but still get their business done. Insomnia sufferers should definitely give it a try.

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Remember, you could be higher.


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