Sooooo… you ever heard of Caviar Gold? Better question: have you ever tried some Caviar Gold?

Caviar Gold

Well, chances are, if you’ve tried it, you would know. Most people claim this to be one of the strongest indica strains that they have ever smoked, so – fair warning – don’t expect to do anything that requires any kind of effort after this hits you. It’s the definition of a one-hitter quitter.

This strain is specially made by soaking marijuana buds in hash oil, then they are covered in kief, and left to dry for several weeks. The nugs of Caviar Gold are super dense, but easily broken down which is always nice. At first, you’ll be hit with a smell that is lightly citrus, almost like a musty orange grove. You might just feel a little bit tempted to eat it… maybe not.


With all of the oil and kief, when sparking up Caviar Gold, you will probably expect it to burn like wild fire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, though. This stuff burns nice and slow… just like we like it.

After taking a decent hit of this (some say fruity-tasting) strain, you’ll feel a strong wave of relaxation sweep over you. This will probably last you up to two hours, so make sure you don’t have any shit that you need to get done.

Along with our recommendation to go pick up some Caviar Gold, comes Weed Wednesday: our favorite day. This week, we are giving a lucky someone a quartz nail (to fit your rig) and a pin dabber. All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page and comment on this week’s #weedwednesday post by telling us your thoughts/experiences with Caviar Gold. If you don’t have a Facebook, don’t worry. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and comment right here on our website; you will still be entered in the contest.


Remember that you could be higher.


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