As a stoner, it’s not rare to be asked the question: do you prefer indica or sativa? It is inevitable that you find yourself forced to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each, and ultimately come to a decision so you can answer that aggravating question. However, that decision can be hard to come by when some great all-around strains come into play. For example, LA Confidential is purely indica, but the effects of the strain are amazing all-around…

LA Confidential marijuana strain

If you’ve never got your hands on some of this weed, it’s definitely one that you want to put on your list of things to smoke. LA Confidential is comprised of pure, unadulterated Afghani Indica. Its buds have a frosty, lime green appearance (often times with a hint of purple), with orange hairs throughout. The taste of this strain is smooth and piney, with the classic skunky aroma that doesn’t stick around for very long.

LA Confidential is a great strain for anyone and everyone, including newer patients seeking relief. Its buds produce pain relieving and drowsy effects, alongside mild psychedelic and calming effects. Hence, a great all-around strain.


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