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We don’t give away just any stock room filler either. These items are some of the most innovative, most outstanding, and downright coolest items in the stoner world, and you will definitely be pleased to add one to your collection. This week, we are giving away the versatile and useful 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag. Check back next week for another spectacular #weedwednesday giveaway!


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Win an amazing 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag!

deodorizer bagOne of the most common problems weed users have to face is how to maintain discretion while smoking, or even just carrying, weed in public. Although marijuana may have been legalized in 23 states throughout the U.S., you don’t necessarily want to advertise the fact that you are carrying around a healthy stash of some primo bud. Even if you live in a marijuana-legal state, there are many legitimate reasons why you would want to keep the contents of your bag a secret.

This is exactly where the 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag comes in. With weed of sufficiently good quality, the most obvious giveaway is the smell. As much as we all appreciate the smell of good bud, you don’t necessarily want other people to be able to smell it. The 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag prevents that from happening, making it possibly the coolest and most useful stoner accessory you could carry around.

Patented innovative charcoal lining

At first glance, the Deodorizer Bag looks like pretty much any stylish black pouch. Tasteful and unassuming, the Deodorizer Bag can be carried around without calling too much attention to itself. But it is the interior of the bag that really counts. Containing patented activated charcoal, the bag’s innovative cloth lining prevents the smell of the bag’s contents from escaping. This means that the odor of even the most pungent and skunkiest weed will remain undetectable once you close off the bag. If you have ever wanted to carry your weed around without anyone being the wiser, the 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag is perfect for you.

Sealing system locks in the most pungent odors

Further adding to the reliability and effectiveness of the Deodorizer Bag is the sealing system, which utilizes two industrial strength Velcro strips and an exterior flap in order to lock the odor in. Along with the activated charcoal lining, this makes the smell of even the most powerful weed undetectable to anyone.

The Deodorizer Bag is hand stitched for maximum reliability and quality. With a 2-ply polyester exterior, this remarkably innovative pouch is stylish and ruggedly built to last. It even comes with a solid 30-day money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with its performance.

Want to know more about the 4 x 6 Deodorizer Bag? Check it out here.


Skywalker OG Review

Skywalker OG

Indicas are the preferred weed variety for those who are looking for an intense body high and superior pain relief and sedative properties. Pleasantly heavy, soporific, and more physically focused than sativas, indicas deliver an authoritative – but by no means unpleasant – body high that will have you glued to your couch for hours.

Among the range of indicas, Skywalker OG has garnered quite a reputation for its unmistakable potency and intense physical effect. Like most great indicas, Skywalker OG is all about the body high, and this particular strain will knock you out if you aren’t careful. In moderate amounts, Skywalker OG delivers a pleasantly heavy body sensation that will leave you feeling relaxed and gloriously sedated. With just a couple of hits of this marvelously fragrant herb, you and your couch could be best buddies all night!

The heavy, sedative effect of Skywalker OG makes it ideally suited for people who are looking for a safer alternative to pharmaceutical sleeping aids and pain relief medication. Providing many of the effects of sleeping pills, but without the bothersome side effects, Skywalker OG will give you a good night’s sleep without the grogginess associated with many commercially-available sleeping pills. It is also suitable for the relief of deep-seated pains, making it a popular choice among athletes and nine-to-fivers looking to unwind after a hard day.

In terms of bouquet, Skywalker OG is classic OG all around. With a distinctive pine smell reminiscent of fragrant wood chips, Skywalker OG will make for a pleasant smoke that you will enjoy just before you settle into a deep, relaxing sleep.

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