Don’t look now, but here we go again with another fabulous #weedwednesday giveaway! Eagerly awaited by stoners from coast to coast, our #weedwednesday promos provide you with the opportunity to win some of the coolest prizes in existence. From innovative gadgets to handy accessories you will find useful daily, our #weedwednesday prizes are all worthy additions to your collection of weed paraphernalia.

In this week’s #weedwednesday, we are offering the chance to win two packs of the amazing Doob Tube, some of the most useful accessories you could own. Make sure to check back next week for even more giveaways!


How to Win

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Want to have your own set of Doob Tubes? In this #weedwednesday giveaway, we are giving away 4-packs of Doob Tubes to two lucky winners! All you have to do is head on over to our Facebook page, leave a comment, and stay tuned for the results! Good luck, and don’t forget to check back at this site again next week for even more fun prizes!



Keep the smell a secret with Doob Tubes!

doob tubeAs much as you enjoy the smell of your raw bud, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if it was in a half-smoked joint. The smell of a roach is pretty unpleasant regardless of how fragrant the bud may have originally been, and keeping it undetected is often next to impossible.

Ingeniously simple

Take heart however, for the Doob Tube is here to save the day! An ingeniously simple device, the Doob Tube is an innovative “smell-proof” tube that you can use to hold anything from a few fresh buds to rolling papers.

Weed smokers often run into times when they have half a joint left over, and they don’t exactly know what to do with the remains. Throwing it away would be wasteful, but slipping it into a pocket or purse is simply unacceptable due to the smell. By sticking it into a Doob Tube however, you can keep carrying that joint around with you without having to be worried about the smell.

Built to last

Each Doob Tube is made from tough and reliable acrylic, which makes it able to withstand regular use. It is both airtight and waterproof, which means that not only will it lock in any odors, but it will keep moisture out as well. The tube itself is totally clear, with each bearing a different colored cap. Each Doob Tube also bears a printed label, which may or may not be to your liking depending on how discreet you need to be.

Doob Tubes measure about 4 inches in length, so it’s easy to slip one into your pocket or purse. It is roomy enough to hold 2 or 3 joints comfortably, or even more half-smoked ones. The Doob Tube is probably less suited for storing large quantities of weed, but for a small stash, it is pretty handy and convenient.

There’s really not a lot to be said about the Doob Tube: its simple and it gets the job done, and its convenience and usefulness are hard to argue with. As simple as it is, the Doob Tube actually works, which in itself makes it a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of weed accessories.

Enter the competition for your chance to win this amazing prize. You can also head over and grab one at Legal Smoke Shop.


Rock Candy Honeycomb Wax Review

doob tubes contest

Rock Candy Honeycomb Wax is a wax concentrate intended specifically for medical marijuana users – but that doesn’t mean that recreational users won’t enjoy a good rip or two! Made solely from prime medical-grade Rock Candy strain, the wax shares all the qualities of its indica-dominant source material, albeit many times more potent. With its distinctive honeycomb appearance and hues that range from golden-green to golden-yellow, the concentrate also shares an aesthetic similarity with the classic rock candy from which its name is derived.

Take a hit of Rock Candy, however, and all comparisons to candy melt away, along with a good share of your inhibitions! Interestingly enough, the flavor of the wax is pretty far removed from the bud it is made from. Noticeably sweeter than the bud, Rock Candy wax is nevertheless quite a bit harsher when inhaled. The wax also doesn’t give off much of a smell until it burns.

In terms of potency, Rock Candy is definitely more about the ‘rock’ than the ‘candy’. Heavy, sedating, and very body-oriented, Rock Candy has all the best characteristics of a good indica. An excellent choice for pain relief and sleep inducement, Rock Candy Honeycomb Wax is also suitable for reliving anxiety and depression. Be warned, however: this wax can knock you out if you aren’t careful! In fact, the sheer potency of the wax probably makes it better suited to experienced users and medical marijuana patients in need of powerful dosing. For novice users, the effects of Rock Candy may be just a tad bit drowsiness inducing, and possibly even overwhelming. For everyone else however, Rock Candy Honeycomb Wax may just be an enjoyably relaxing treat.

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