It’s Wednesday once again, and if you’ve been tuning in for the past several weeks, you know that this can only mean one thing. That’s right…its #weedwednesday once again! The most fabulous, most generous, and most stoner-rific giveaway on the internet, #weedwednesday offers you the chance win some truly awesome prizes.

As impressive as our previous giveaways have been, we have to say we’ve really outdone ourselves this time with the 420 Science Pack, including a wax wallet, scope, and jar! Read on to find out more about this handy and useful package, and how you can get your hands on one!

How to Win

By now, you are probably stoked to get your very own 420 Science Pack – Wax Wallet, Scope, and Jar. The good news is that getting the chance to do so is as easy as heading on over to our Facebook page and dropping a few words of comment! As always, check back for next week’s #weedwednesday giveaway!



Get Your Own 420 Science Pack

420 Science is a company that should be familiar to anyone that has a taste for high-quality, high-performance herbal accessories. After all, the company has built much of its reputation off a slew of unique and interesting products, many of which have set standards for innovation, efficiency, and sheer coolness. Suffice it to say, if you know your weed accessories, there is a good chance that more than a few of your items are produced by 420 Science.

With the company’s stellar reputation in mind, we turned our attention to the 420 Science Pack, which brings together some of the company’s finest products in one enticing package. Comprised of a wax wallet, a scope, and a jar, the 420 Science Pack offers everything that you could possibly need in order to ensure a totally satisfying experience. You’d have to supply your own bud of course–as well as a suitable ingestion device–but the 420 Science Pack provides everything else.

420 science wax walletWax Wallet

Let’s start off with the wax wallet. One of the company’s most popular products, the wax wallet keeps your oils, waxes, or other concentrates in a nice and tidy container. Featuring a hinged clamshell design, the wax wallet couldn’t be easier to use, and is really quite handy. Made with food-grade silicon, the wax wallet is built to last.

420 science scopeScope

The 420 Science Pack also contains a 420 Science scope, which is essential for getting the most out of your stash. With 100x magnification, the scope enables you to examine your buds with precision, allowing you to detect mold growth or identify trichomes, and helping you determine the best time to harvest. If you are serious about the quality of your weed, having a 420 Science scope is essential.

strain containJar

Finally, the 420 Science Pack comes with one of the company’s own famous stash jars. Much of the company’s renown is built on this product line alone, and it is easy to see why. Precision crafted from the finest materials available, these jars keep your herb as fresh and flavorful as the day the buds were picked. As with everything else, 420 Science takes bud storage to a whole new level, and these jars are the perfect examples of the company’s standard of excellence.


Guido Strain Review

guidoAmong the indica strains and indica-dominant hybrids, the most common characteristics are typically a powerful sedative effect and a definitive body high. Guido is an indica through and through – of that there is no doubt – but this fascinating strain brings some other interesting and welcome properties into the mix. If you can get hold of this somewhat rare strain, you are definitely in for a memorable experience.

Pinnacle of indica hybridization

In a sense, Guido can be said to be the pinnacle of indica hybridization, considering its proud lineage. A crossbreed of the renowned Platinum and Bubba strains, Guido delivers all the best qualities of both. Fans of Bubba will especially enjoy this hybrid, with its superbly smooth smoke and authoritative buzz. If you like it heavy like only a Bubba can get, Guido will not disappoint.

A blend that works well

One of the qualities that set Guido apart from most other indica strains is how it keeps users pleasantly buzzed for hours without making them nod off. Like all good indicas, Guido will knock you out if you aren’t careful, but moderate amounts spread out over a couple of hours will give you an invigorating high that combines the heavy sedating effect of an indica and the euphoria, sociability, and creativity more commonly associated with sativas. It is these characteristics that make Guido such a fascinating strain, and you will definitely appreciate the novelty of the complementary sensations.

In terms of flavor, Guido again bucks the indica trend, with a surprisingly sweet and fruity taste more reminiscent of a good sativa. For this quality alone, Guido is definitely worth checking out.

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