We love weed. A lot. And obviously if you’re reading this, you also love weed. That’s the point of Weed Wednesday. To give you – a weed lover – a free weed-related something, courtesy of us – weed lovers.

Since we believe in the power of marijuana, we like to share the riches. We love our fans, and every single person that reads our news articles, follows our Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, and participates in our contests. So, in short, thank you for all of your support!

I’ll save you from my babbling, though, and get to the point. It’s Weed Wednesday (as you already know) and we are giving away some 420 Science gear and a Stoner Things tee! All you gotta do is share or comment on this beautiful picture of God’s Gift on our Facebook page. Good luck!

Gods Gift


Make sure you check back weekly for your chance to win some free stoner stuff! And just know that with Stoner Things, you could be higher.


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