Things are heatin’ up over here at our home base for two reasons: Valentine’s Day is in three days and temperatures are supposed to approach the 90 degree mark by the weekend (we’re based out of Phoenix). 90 degrees in mid-February. Yes, it’ll be a record breaker. We are enjoying it, though, while we look at pictures of all the suckers on the East Coast that are turning into little ice cubes.

The reason I’m sitting here writing this for you when I’d much rather be sitting outside enjoying the morning sun with a fat blunt in my hand is because, well, I care about you. And I want to give you free stuff. And Weed Wednesday is just the day to do that.

By now, I’m sure you know the drill, but I’ll explain it anyway. All you gotta do is find this week’s Weed Wednesday post on the Stoner Things Facebook page, and comment on or share the picture (the one you see below). That’s it. You’re automatically entered for a chance to win. This week, FIVE people have a chance of winning a dope Rasta Chillum.

stoner things loves you


Good luck everyone, enjoy the rest of the week, and remember you could be higher…


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