Things have been going crazy in the marijuana world from legal weed sales to fake deaths and surprise legalization thoughts. 2014 is looking to be a great year, and all of us over here at Stoner Things are looking forward to see what’s in store. We are also exciting to keep bringing you everything that you love – informational news articles, honest strain reviews, contests, stoner chicks, and dope Stoner Things merchandise.

As always, don’t forget our stoner submission button. You can ask us questions, send us pictures (we love pictures), join our movement, or just tells us how amazing (or shitty) of a job we are doing.

Anyways, Weed Wednesday is here, and I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to this. We couldn’t decide on one winner, so the winnerS for last week (the ganja tree caption) is:

  • Nick Whited: “The Magical Giving Tree.”
  • Lana Banana: “Meet me under the ganja tree…”



This week, THREE lucky winners will receive a dope Rasta Stripe Chillum, thanks to our friends over at Legal Smoke Shop. All you gotta do is think of something awesome, and caption this photo:

apple and joints

Either comment below, or head over to the Stoner Things Facebook page, and comment on this week’s Weed Wednesday post. Who knows… you’re stupid comment just might be the best one.

*Just so you know… you can comment as many times as you’d like, but only one of your comments can win.



Remember, stoners, (cause I’m sure you’ve probably smoked enough weed by now to forget) each week brings a new contest, and with it, another chance to win free shit. And free shit is only good when it’s cool.



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