I know, we kind of skimped out on you last week. But hey, duty calls, right? This month has been crazy busy for us over here. We’ve completely redone our office and our team headed out to the Champ’s Trade Show last week. I guess you could say we are starting the year off the right way 😉

Anyway, enough with my babbling. We are back with Weed Wednesday and it’s as great as ever. This week, though, we are going to do things a little bit different. In previous weeks, you were required to caption the photo in order to win. This week, all you have to do is either share or comment on the photo (on Facebook) and we will pick a winner at random. Easy as that and it only takes a second. Free stuff for only a second of your time? Where’s the negative in that? I, personally, don’t know.

As far as the winners go for the past two weeks, we picked a couple:

  • Michael G. Nino: “am i in wonderland hicup!! this is that sticky icky mickey!!!”
  • Chris Tyler: Mickey Mouse Nug House!

Congrats you guys! Message (or email) us your mailing address and we will mail you your dabbing goods in a discrete box.


In light of the Super Bowl that’s coming up this weekend (or Marijuana Bowl or Weed Bowl or whatever you’re calling it) we want you to go over to our Facebook Page and comment or share this photo:

seahawks vs broncos

As mentioned before, three winners will be picked at random and will win an EZ Pipe, thanks to Legal Smoke Shop! So, get at it!

Remember that every week brings a new Weed Wednesday which gives you another chance to add to your collection! In short, make sure you’re not missing out!

and also remember that YOU COULD BE HIGHER…


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