Merry Christmas, stoners! We hope everyone is having a great holiday and we hope Santa brought you everything you wanted… *cough*lotsofweed*cough*. Yeah, anyway, last week you guys captioned a photo of Santa trimming some buds, and since we’re feeling generous this holiday season, we decided to give away three ROOR Frosted Pipes, courtesy of Legal Smoke Shop. We loved all the captions and the creativity, BUUTTT the winners are…… (drum roll, please):

  • Stephanie Elaine Carpenter: “Twas the night before Christmas and we had much to do! Santa needed my help, this I already knew. He said “this year my elves, we are changing things around. We are bringing relief to every single town. Cannabis helps with nausea and pain. It will help with stress,and humor you will gain.” So then we all ran outside and started picking the crops with pride. We all sat down and started trimming the buds, EVEN SANTA SAT DOWN AND HELPED TRIM THE NUGS! so this year my friends, no need to worry. No matter how far, well be bringing some tree HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!!!”
  • RJ Hennesay: “He knows if you’ve been smoking he knows that you get baked, He knows if your weeds been passed or held so pass the blunt for goodness sake. Hey Santa Claus is blaazing through town!”
  • Travis Conrad: “He’s trimming his buds, he’s checking them twice, he’ll hook you up this year, if you’ve been nice, santaaaa is harvesting toooniiigghhhtt!”

Congrats, guys! Enjoy your new pipe!


What better day for Weed Wednesday to fall on than Christmas day?! In light of the holidays, and since we’re looking forward to New Years and 2014, caption THIS:

sparkler smoke

Think of the best, cleverest, funniest thing you can, and either post a comment below or head over to the Stoner Things Facebook and comment on the Weed Wednesday post for this week*. The person who comes up with the best caption will get some Stoner Things Swag and will receive a branded tee or tank (in compliance with the individual’s gender).

*FYI: You can comment more than once, but you can only win once per week.

Good luck, and as always, you could be higher…


Remember: Each week a new contest, and with it, a new week to win free shit. #weedwednesday

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