What up guys! We hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit! Weed Wednesday is here, (yay!) which means you can win a Frosted ROOR Handheld Pipe, courtesy of Legal Smoke Shop!

roor handheld
Three lucky winners can have us!

So how do you win?

It’s easy, really. For this week’s contest (in light of Kushmas), all you have to do is caption this photo:

Santa Trimming
What’s Santa thinking?

Share what you think is going through Santa’s head. Got it? Good. Now comment below, or head over to the Stoner Things Facebook Page and comment on the Weed Wednesday post! At the end of the week, (again, in light of the holiday) we will pick THREE of our most favorite captions, whom will win a FREE Frosted ROOR Pipe in their choice of color.

*FYI: You can enter multiple times, but can only win once.

Comment away!


Remember: Each week, a new contest, and each week a new opportunity to win free shit. #weedwednesday

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  1. Twas the night before Christmas and we had much to do! Santa needed my help, this I already knew. He said “this year my elves, we are changing things around. We are bringing relief to every single town. Cannabis helps with nausea and pain. It will help with stress,and humor you will gain.” So then we all ran outside and started picking the crops with pride. We all sat down and started trimming the buds, EVEN SANTA SAT DOWN AND HELPED TRIM THE NUGS! so this year my friends, no need to worry. No matter how far, well be bringing some tree HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!!!


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