What’s up, Stoners? It’s been a while… But WE’RE BACK!

Winter is in full swing- Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s snowing, and every department store looks like Santa’s elves yaked every where. Those of you that are lucky to live in a warm climate, (California, we are lookin’ at you.) don’t take it for granted!

That brings us to the featured strain this week. Durban Poison is a pure sativa from Durban in South Aftrica. This strain is known for its sweet smell and bubbly, energetic,  uplifting high. Perfect bud to wake and bake and stay productive. The espresso of cannabis, Durban Poison will help you wake up and get creative! PLUS, resin production is through the roof with this one, the buds are full and chunky and covered in trichomes.

durban poison

Are you excited to try some now? You definitely should be!

Check out this week’s prize, a UV Concentrate container from our friends over at 420 Science. This container isn’t just the average jar- it’s made of pressed, black glass that is designed to keep out light rays that may damage your stash! It’s big enough to hold 50 mL of concentrates, with a screw-top, air-tight lid. Your stuff is gonna stay fresh.

To win this bad boy, head over to the Facebook page, and find this #WeedWednesday post. Leave a comment and tell us what your stash is in right now! That’s it! So easy, because you don’t need anything else to stress out over! If you don’t have a Facebook, don’t worry- enter the contest by commenting on this post and telling us if you’ve tried Durban Poison or any 420 Science product!



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