We are loving all this engagement! Huge shout out to all our loyal fans, YOU GUYS ROCK! We’ve been having some great prizes lately! Last week we gave away a Yo Dabba Dabba nail, and this week our friends over at Legal Smoke Shop are going to be spoiling you!

FIVE.. yes, you read that right… FIVE lucky winners are going to receive a special surprise from Legal Smoke Shop as well as a promo code for up to 35% of your total order amount! Pretty awesome, right?

Low-key a little jealous at theses prizes.

Next up for Weed Wednesday, the featured strain this week is Green Crack. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a pure, heavy hitting sativa– not cocaine! It’s a great day time strain that delivers a sharp energy and focus with a mental buzz that will keep you going. The buds are dense, sticky, and covered in bright orange hairs! It’s tangy. It’s fruity. It’s …. tropical. A great “pick me up” strain, that’s sure to get you moving so if you’ve got stress, depression or fatigue, go pick up some Green Crack!


Green Crack

Just take a look at that beauty!!!

So, in order to win, you have 2 options. First, leave us a comment below! Right here, on this post! Second option, head over to the Facebook page, check out this contest, (it will be pinned to the top, and labeled #WeedWednesday) and follow the directions there! You’ll have exactly 1 week to enter for the chance at the Legal Smoke Shop booty! Make sure to check back next week for ANOTHER Weed Wednesday give away! Who knows what we will be handing out next?!

Remember Stoners… you could be higher!

**Per Stoner Things Terms & Conditions, Stoner Things ships to U.S. residents only.


  1. Hey. Ya’ll should look into a better comment section. I noticed theres never any action. Maybe something that connects with peoples facebook accounts. May be a tad difficult for us stones!

  2. I would absolutely love to win this contest!!! I really enjoy this site, the articles are very well written and entertaining to read too! I always find new products or devices I want while reading your articles, but unfortunately I’m disabled and have zero income, so winning this contest would really be a dream come true!!!


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