It’s the best day of the week- Weed Wednesday!

Not to sound like a broken record, but this week’s featured strain is one we’ve mentioned in the past… The forever famous, Maui Waui. Originally from the Hawaiian Islands, this tropical sativa is the perfect choice for an afternoon at the beach. But hey, we’re not your mom- you can smoke wherever and whenever you please. Anyways… since Maui Waui made its way to the main land it has been crossed a lot, and with a few indicas. So chances are most of the stuff you find today will be more hybrid than true sativa. Don’t let that deter you though- its still a great strain that will give you a euphoric, energizing head high along with possible mental clarity. That hybrid side comes out with heavy use- you might get the munchies but you’ll likely be strapped to your couch! Its an amazing strain for medical marijuana use and can treat Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Migraines, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD.

maui waui

One of the most interesting things about the culture surrounding cannabis is the diversity of its users. All kinds of people use it- from CEOs to little old ladies that have smoked their whole lives to the teens that blaze after school..

But all these people face the same problem- weed that dries out or gets moldy in its container! There’s nothing worse than opening up your stash jar to find your buds have molded or that they’ve lost moisture and don’t weigh as much. We know, it blows, we’ve been there. Your days of storing your good good with an orange peel or slice of bread or some shit like that are over! We are giving out Boveda packs to 3 lucky winners this week!

The great thing about Boveda packs- dual moisture control. This patented technology has been used to regulate humidity for electronics, musical instruments, food, premium tobacco and now has an marijuana specific 62% RH formula. Boveda is a staple for any connoisseur- these babies unlock smell, color, flavor, texture, allows flowers to burn cooler and now you can experience cannabis like never before.

Entering is reeeeally easy- just comment below, or check out the Facebook page and follow the directions posted there! You won’t want to miss out on these prizes!

Remember, you could be higher…

Have a great week Stoners!



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