Holy shit. It’s October. This year is just FLYING by!

It’s officially fall. Fall brings colorful leaves, football (HELL YES), hot drinks, and FIRES. Bonfires. Laying in front of the fireplace. You know the stuff.

That’s why it makes perfect sense that the featured strain this week is Fire OG. Fire OG is known to be one of the strongest OGs out there- with parents OG Kush and San Vernando Valley OG Kush F3 that makes sense.  This hybrid has THC levels in that can reach up to 20%- it packs quite a punch. It’s buds are covered in red hairs giving it that fiery appearance and making it a no brainer for its name. It has an earthy, citrus aroma. If you’ve been smoking for years and tried a dozen different OGs, don’t write this one off! fire og

Now, strain reviews are nice, but that’s not the greatest part about Weed Wednesday. The best part is the chance to win free stuff!!

Here’s the part where normally we would tell you what is up for grabs, give you some specs on the product and tell you to why you just NEED it in your life. But this week we are doing something a little different! Gotta keep things fresh and exciting!

Over the next week we will be giving out clues as to what we are giving out; you may figure it out tomorrow or not till it’s announced after the winners have been chosen. All we’re saying today is that you DON”T WANT TO MISS OUT.

You’re intrigued, right? Head over to the Stoner Things Facebook and enter the contest! And for those of you without a Facebook, comment below! Good luck Stoners!

Remember… You could be higher.



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