It’s a choice no parent should have to make, ever: obey the law or care for your child’s health. It’s a choice most parents never have to make.

Royal CBD OilBut others, including many whose children suffer from severe seizure disorders, face that choice now. Their kids could benefit from a near-miraculous drug that reduces convulsions and restores cognitive faculties. Yet in many places that drug is still illegal.

It’s called CBD oil, it’s a derivative of marijuana, and it’s been in the news regularly over the last few years. Now a new YouTube video provides additional evidence that CBD cannabis works.

The short video features a mother talking about her child’s use of CBD and a family giving the drug to a young boy. The parents say CBD oil has brought their kids back from the brink.

“My goal for him is to hear his voice,” the boy’s mother says, “to hear him talk. We just want him to be happy.”

CBD oil helped develop cognitive processes

The woman says CBD has restored her son, removing the symptoms but also making it possible for him to develop cognitively. Severe epilepsy can cause substantial delays in cognitive development in young children.

“This is more than just make it so that he doesn’t have seizures anymore,” another parent says of her son. “I want him back. I want him to thrive and live and enjoy us. And if a plant can do that, why do we object?”

CBD oil is a non-intoxicating form of cannabis, a fact that makes it ideal for underage patients. It’s created by stripping the marijuana plant of a substance known as cannabidiol, or CBD. This chemical, like THC oil, is thick, sticky, and viscous.

Cannabidiol is thought to quiet certain electric overactivity in the brain, activity that may be the cause of epileptic conditions. In some cases, the drug has reduced childhood seizures from hundreds per day to almost zero.

CBD oilWidely available across the country

CBD oil is legal as medicine in 37 states, but it remains illegal in the remaining 13. That leaves parents in these places with only two practical options if they want to treat their children’s suffering: break the law or move to a state that allows CBD.

Colorado is the leading choice. That’s in part because the state’s medical marijuana program has generous provisions for underage patients, making it easier to establish a doctor-patient relationship and obtain CBD. But it’s also because that’s where other CBD families have gone.

They form a small but powerful group in Colorado, though their influence is felt across the country. They and parents like them were instrumental in passing CBD-only laws in 14 states and full medical weed laws in 23 others.


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