When you’re carrying over 2,300 pounds of marijuana you’d better hope you’re in for smooth sailing and not a routine traffic stop. So imagine the disappointment two California men felt last weekend when they were stopped in Flagstaff.Driving

Deputies first noticed the pair’s big rig when there was a malfunction in the vehicle’s splash guards. The driver, Peng Law, and passenger, Bing Huang, provided the next clue.

“Both appeared much more nervous than the innocent motoring public,” said Dwight D’Evelyn, a spokesman for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. “The occupants were unable to answer basic questions that two persons sharing a destination would commonly know.”

Next in was a police dog and then the discovery of “high-grade marijuana packed in heavy-duty, vacuum-sealed plastic bags.” It wasn’t enough to stop the K9 unit though. Only a few items can completely eliminate odor from marijuana.

There are deliberate police stops for pot in Oklahoma, but this wasn’t even a sobriety check. Expect Law and Huang to keep quiet and do some work on their poker faces while in jail.



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