With legalization having become reality in most parts of the United States, there is arguably more people toking up now than ever before. By most accounts, marijuana use in the U.S. is at an all-time high (no pun intended!) and the numbers are rising every day. In fact, a survey conducted in 2009 revealed that more than 10.8% of all people surveyed in the U.S. admitted to partaking of the magic bud at least occasionally, which is a notable increase from the 10.2% who admitted to the same only the year prior. If you’ve ever wondered which states consume the most weed in America, this list should reveal all.

marijuana california1. California

Interestingly enough, the state at the forefront of marijuana legalization–and which is often closely associated with weed–ranked only 10th on the list. Nevertheless, with almost 13% of the population admitting to partaking of weed, California definitely deserves a spot on this list.

2. Maine

With a nickname of “Vacationland”, it is hardly surprising that Maine would rank as one of the weed friendliest states in America. With a respectable 13.6% of the population admitting to being pot smokers, Maine is a great place to take a vacation indeed.

3. Oregon

The Oregon city of Portland may as well be named “Potland” for its affinity to the magic bud! With 14.45% of the population claiming to enjoy weed on occasion, Oregon is a great place to visit and an even better place to stay in if you are a smoker.

4. Massachusetts

Nicknamed the “Blue State”, Massachusetts could just as well be referred to as the “Green State” for its affinity to marijuana. Although marijuana isn’t legal in the state as of yet, local laws do impose only light penalties for possession of small amounts of weed.

5. New Hampshire

nh weedIt is almost common knowledge that New Hampshire is a pot-friendly state, and the numbers seem to bear this out. It has been estimated that as many as 14.88 of the population smoke weed regularly, and pot is the substance of choice across the board for both young and old.

6. Colorado

With a whopping 15% of the population admitted pot users, Colorado is more than deserving of inclusion in this list. The state is also one of two in the United States (Washington State being the other) in which marijuana has been legalized for recreational use.

7. Vermont

In terms of pot use, Vermont is even more impressive than Colorado. Here, almost 16% of the residents admit to partaking of weed within the past year. The state can also lay claim to being the birthplace of the band Phish, which is as close to a stoner friendly band as you can find anywhere in the United States.

Alaska Outline8. Alaska

At the top spot is Alaska, where 16.29 of the population have a close personal relationship with weed. Interestingly enough,, marijuana isn’t actually legal in the state according to federal law, but residents are allowed up to as much as an ounce in the home, even without any legitimate medical need.


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