With so many hybrid strains around nowadays, the sheer number of choices can be a bit bewildering for the novice smoker. Not that anyone’s complaining of course! The explosion of numerous wild and wonderfully fascinating strains is a definite boon for the marijuana community, and things can only get better and more exciting from this point on.

Nevertheless, those new to the cannabis world might be lost as to where to begin their exploration. In order to help novices along on the path to further discovery, we present five of the most exciting hybrids currently available on the market.

Barney’s Tangerine Dream Feminised

This isn’t quite as familiar as the other hybrids mentioned here, but it does have a strong and loyal following. One of the best examples of breeding expertise, Barney’s Tangerine Dream is a Sativa dominant strain that has just enough of the good qualities of Indica to make it a great choice. It is characterized by a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma and a solid yet focused head high and just the perfect touch of body stone.

Sour Diesel

This is quite a familiar strain, and for good reason. A Sativa dominant variety, Sour Diesel features longish and loosely packed buds. It tends to stretch quite a bit and has a powerful lemon-diesel odor, so make sure you plan for these factors if security is issue. Sour Diesel is characterized by a powerful, almost psychedelic high with just a touch of body stone. It can be quite heady for a novice so go easy if it is your first time to smoke this wonderful strain.

Sour Diesel

Super Silver Haze

The superstar of the lot, Super Silver Haze has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its flavor, potency, and winning combination of cerebral and body highs. This strain grows remarkably evenly, and it absolutely loves warm temperatures. Keep in mind that Super Silver Haze tends to grow tall and lanky, with large, peaky kolas, so make sure you have plenty of room and adequate security and odor control measures for it. When smoked, this strain provides just he perfect blend of a euphoric buzz with a deep body stone.

Super Lemon Haze

Another lemony-smelling strain, Super Lemon Haze has all the wonderful qualities of Super Silver Haze, with some extra potency and flavor added. This particular variety tends to grow better in warmer climates, and can result in massive, towering kolas. It gives off a beguiling aroma reminiscent of citrus, and smoking it produces a marked cerebral high with just a hint of body stone. Its effects also tend to last longer than most strains.

White Widow

White Widow is a certified ‘classic’ and for good reason. Characterized by tight buds dotted with snowy-white crystalline formations from which it gets its name, White Widow is one of the most potent strains available on the market today. The strain has also been the recipient of numerous Cannabis Cup awards, and provides a perfect blend of cerebral and physical effects, with a tantalizing floral taste.


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