In the market for a new bong? You definitely can’t go wrong with glass and the good news is that there are loads of fine options available on the market today. Glass is one of the best materials you can get as far as smoking implements are concerned, and any good glass piece will have numerous advantages over pipes made out of other materials.brushed glass rig

One of the first things that you should consider when buying a glass bong is the size. Some bongs are small, pocket sized units designed for ultimate portability. These pipes can be slipped into your pocket or purse and taken with you wherever you go, although you do have to be careful that they won’t bump against anything and break.

Other bongs are quite a bit larger, and would be impractical – if not impossible – to take with you. Larger and more complicated bongs with a host of intricate features are better suited for home use, where they can be kept relatively safe.

Speaking of features, you should also consider how complicated or simple you really want your bong to be. Some people make do very nicely with a simple and straightforward bong that gets the job done and nothing else. Others prefer multi-chambered complex monsters that come with a dizzying array of features. Most people strike a good balance between form and functionality, opting for a bong that performs the basic function simply but looks good enough to display as well. Keeping in mind that the risk of damage goes up the more complicated a bong is, it might be better for you to stick to something that gets the job done without too many bells and whistles.

The number of chambers is another aspect you should consider. The idea behind multi-chambered bongs is that the smoke is filtered more thoroughly, providing you with a cleaner and more pleasant smoke. Some bongs even allow you to place ice in one or more chambers or pathways, cooling the smoke before it is inhaled. Depending on the design, however,crazy looking bong it is doubtful that a more extensively chambered bong will provide a noticeably more pleasant smoke. You might therefore be satisfied with a relatively simple bong that provides adequate filtration.

The same goes with accessories. Some bongs come with a number of ‘helpful’ add-ons and features that may or may not add very much to the smoking experience. Ash basins, ice catchers, and percs are only a few examples, and although they may help you smoke more efficiently, you could have a very satisfying smoke even without them. When in doubt, it is probably best to go the simpler route. There will be less parts to break or get lost, and you won’t spend your time figuring out what went wrong if your bong doesn’t work.

Buying a glass bong is basically a matter of preference along with consideration of a few basic principles. Invest a bit of money into a quality piece and it will last you a good long time.


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