Weed is a wonderful thing. It brings peace, it helps get us through difficult times, and it just plain makes life better. But sometimes you want a little something extra to enhance the high.

Some things go better with pot than others. Try making a baked Alaska at home alone while stoned out of your mind and see how that goes. But plenty of things complement good dope, and here are a few of them:

1. Coffee

coffee beans weed

Marijuana calms you down. Caffeine adds some pep, and it can make the experience that much better.

There are plenty of ways to get caffeine, and all of them work to some degree. But the best choice is always coffee. Whether black, sugary, or iced, coffee will bring added clarity to your best highs.

A hot cup of java can enhance weed any time of day, but it’s best in the morning. Nothing will wake you up like a jolt of caffeine and a blast of weed. But make sure you don’t drink too much; you don’t want to turn that laconic buzz into a jittery anxiety attack.

2. Sex


Even bad sex is better than no sex, just like bad pot is better than none. But put good sex together with good weed and you have physical nirvana.

It doesn’t work that way for everyone. People have different sexual responses to marijuana, and a drug that makes sex more fun for some can make it more distracting and unpleasant for others.

But if it works for you, mix cannabis and coitus as often as you reasonably can. Some complain the sex can kill the buzz, but if all goes right, you won’t even notice.

3. Art

American Gothic, Art Institute of Chicago

Fine art takes on different depth and meaning when you’re stoned. Whether it’s Van Gogh’s The Starry Night or a house by Frank Lloyd Wright, a mind-bending piece of art accompanies good weed like a red wine complements a fine steak.

Great museums abound. In New York, there’s the Met and the Museum of Modern Art (where you can find The Starry Night). In Los Angeles, they have the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Chicago has the Art Institute and some of the most unique architecture in the United States. Every major city has at least one art museum that makes a great buzz even better.

4. Food


Need we say more? Pot is notorious for its tendency to increase appetite. The phenomenon has its own name, one even the most naïve people associate with marijuana: the munchies.

But there’s so much to choose from. Will it be a cheesecake (whole)? A pizza (whole)? A cow (whole)? Or even food infused with more weed?

If you have the extra money, treat yourself to a meal in a fine restaurant every now and then. It’s a guarantee you’ll clean your plate, go for dessert, and then stop at the gas station on the way home for some Cheetos.

And here’s a bonus fact you might not know: No matter how much junk food you eat, if you’re a regular toker you’re likely to lose weight. Recent research shows frequent marijuana users have thinner waistlines than other people.

5. Bowling

The Big Lebowski

They made a whole movie about how bowling and cannabis go together. Needless to say, the screenwriters behind The Big Lebowski used bowling to really tie the film together for a reason.

What other sport encourages such stoner sloth? Offers fatty food and beer in abundance? Has stakes so low they’re a little anti-competitive? Bowling is the toking person’s game. It focuses the scattered mind and relaxes the body.

Only one other sport goes almost as well with weed: mini golf. Get outside, enjoy a few hot dogs, and prove that putting while high equals hilarity.


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