Common Man and Marijuana

There are many counter-culture and pop-culture figures who advocate the use of marijuana. Then again, there are even more regular people who smoke for strictly recreational purposes. The inherent problem with iconic endorsement of marijuana is that the “icons” usually have a list of things they believe in, and marijuana is rarely on the top of the list. They become activists; heroes of the left. And they speak on behalf of the “common man.”

Common Man and Marijuana
Its the common person who seems to care the most about legalization. Why?

But then there are some people who only get pissed when something comes between them and their weed. These people are the real “common person.” These unsung heroes are out there, and here’s something you probably didn’t know: They out-number activists. Their battle cry is for the overcharging of marijuana; their cause is the battle against less-than-honorable weed dealers who are selling midgrade shake and calling it some trendy, made-up name and charging the hard working people of their community $25 a gram, when they should be charging $25 for a quarter-ounce.

These slick and greedy dealers are, in the opinion of the “common person,” the personification of what’s wrong with the country as a whole. The real tragedy being when Mr. Average Joe, who buys a quarter bag every payday without fail, must swallow his principles, and pay $25 for a gram of dirty shake. And while they complain about having to deal with these soulless pimps of capitalism who take advantage of those who don’t know enough to realize that they’re being sold a sales pitch, they do it anyway. It’s like being sold on the quality of a really bad, scripted reality TV show.

There are those out there who enjoy those shows. Would it be sheer coincidence if those who enjoyed those shows, could only enjoy them when smoking on what they were told was Kush, but was really just a baggie filled with stems and seeds and dirt weed?


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