Scot Granke, a middle school teacher in Paw Paw, Michigan, is unique that in addition to shaping young minds he also has a license to grow medical marijuana.

Marijuana PlantBut cops are pressing felony charges, citing that Granke’s crop was too big and that he had also been making hash, a concentrated type of TCH that is usually in oil or wax form. The police were tipped off by Granke’s estranged wife and were able to get a probable cause warrant to raid Granke’s property and arrest him.

Granke’s growing license permitted him up to 48 plants and 15 ounces of marijuana at a time. When the police raided his property they found 66 plants and a pound of marijuana as well as hash and unregistered guns. In all it’s 18 more plants than allowed and one ounce over the limit, but the real issues are the hash and guns. Hash is still illegal and possessing unregistered guns is a felony in any state.

But Granke had an excuse for the hash: he claimed he was making it into a butter for MMJ patients.

Some doctors are hesitant when prescribing marijuana because the main method of consumption is inhaling smoke, which could aggravate throats or lungs. What would be easiest for many medical marijuana patients would being able to purchase marijuana butter and cook food using it, so that their meals give them their daily prescribed dose. But hash, the main ingredient in marijuana butter, is still illegal.

Even with all drug charges dropped, Granke still faces a $500,000 fine and up to seven years in prison if found guilty for the gun felony.


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