Official Review – Strain Contain Jars

Everyone has their own type of container for their weed; that old Altoids tin, or maybe a converted jewelry box. But if you want to step up your game a bit with an actual storage unit made for marijuana, then join us in our review of Strain Contain jars.

Strain Contain - Official Review
Strain Contain – Official Review

Looks and Design

Strain Contain jars are made of high-quality glass and designed with a plastic gasket “pop up” top. The jars themselves are completely reusable and have a professional medical design. You can label and keep track of everything you store in these jars, and when the contents are gone, simply wipe the label and re-label when ready. Never forget which strain is which again!


The jars do a very good job of sealing in freshness as well as allowing you to keep the contents organized. The way the jar closes and seals is what sets it apart from any other regular jar.

The Kit

Starting at $17.95, the Strain Contain jars come in three different sizes.

Final Thoughts

These containers are a great investment and they aren’t too expensive, either. If you are looking for a storage solution that will keep your medicine fresh in a professional container, Strain Contain is the only way to go.

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