Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid.Sourdiesel

Genetics: 91 Chemdawg X Northern Lights.

Appearance: Pale green with a dusting of white hairs.

Smell: Like diesel fuel.

Potency: Strong, fast-acting.

Taste: Sour.

Summary: You won’t doubt what you’re smoking hear; one hit will have your mind racing and your face wrinkling from the combined smell and taste.


This sativa-dominant hybrid is pretty well-known. The Sour Diesel strain is great for mental highs; if you want a dream-state high, this is the bud for you. You won’t feel couch-locked, which is always good. Sour Diesel is great for fighting off pain and depression, so if you’re a medical marijuana smoker then this is definitely a good choice. You should feel this high for hours before you start to come down. Truly a fantastic medical strain, 5/5 stars.


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