Basic Methods For Smoking Hash Oil

If you have just recently come into a batch of great hash oil, you might be wondering about how best to smoke it. There are many ways to do so of course, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some tips; these methods work just as well with hash as they do with hash oil, although the potency will vary of course.

Rolled in a Joint

Hash or hash oil works pretty well rolled in a joint, although there tends to be some wastage. A considerable amount of hash will burn up during the combustion process although you are bound to get a good lungful or more. There are various ways to incorporate hash or hash oil into your joint. You can break up hash and mix it into the weed for instance, or you could coat a needle with oil and stick it lengthwise into a joint, allowing the oil to rub off in the plant matter. You may also smear some oil on the inside of the paper before rolling a joint.

This method of smoking is about as inconspicuous as smoking a joint can be, which is to say you should be conscious of people in the immediate vicinity. If you use tobacco instead of weed, you can do this pretty much anywhere where smoking is allowed, although the harshness of the tobacco does tend to overpower the flavor of the hash.

Certain kinds of hash can be rolled into long strips like clay and rolled around the exterior of a joint in a spiral pattern. This is especially popular in some coffee shops in Amsterdam, but it tends to waste even more hash than if it is smoked in a regular joint.


Smoked in a Pipe

Hash and hash oil can also be smoked in a pipe. Again, the hash can be broken up and mixed in with the weed. Smoking hash in a pipe tends to be a lot more efficient than rolling it in a joint, and there is little wastage if you damp the pipe right after a hit. Hash and hash oil can also be mixed with tobacco instead of marijuana, but the latter is always a better option, particularly if you would rather not smoke tobacco. Hash and hash oil can also be smoked in a bong or water pipe, although the large volume of potent hash smoke may be too much for some.

Hot Knives

Hot knives allow you to use hash or hash oil very efficiently. The process involves using two knives–ideally with wooden handles–and heating up the metal until it is red hot. The wooden handles allow the handling of the knives even at very high temperatures. After the knives have been heated up sufficiently, place a small blob of hash oil or a small lump of hash on one of the knives and then quickly press the other knife on top of the hash/hash oil. The hash or oil will then begin to emit smoke quickly, which you then inhale using a glass tube or pipe.


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