Paul Richard Davis, “Pa Butt” to his medical marijuana patrons, has raised two generations of deer and dogs who get along famously at his cannabis trimming and drying hideout in Southeast Oregon.

The tame deer, both responding to “Sugar Bob”, have been placid companions to each of his dogs.  The first of the dogs, Bacon, passed on 14 years ago.  The second dog, a beagle who goes by “Trouper D.”, is also on his last legs and drowses in the sun most days.

Meantime, the second Sugar Bob stays close by because the young fawn just loves chewing fully-cured marijuana buds off the drying racks.  The young deer also picks up large shade leaves, trim leaves or trichomes.  Sugar Bob does not know or care that the psychoactive chemicals differ in abundance.  After all, this mammal first chews his cud in the rumen.  When there are no more castoffs in sight, Sugar Bob retires to the trim room, cleans up all the trimmings in sight and soon falls into THC-induced dreamland.  Owner Davis is only too glad to sleep off the effects of home-rolled joints beside his pet.  Happily, Trouper D is no vegetarian and prefers to dream of his puppy days.


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