If you know anything about being stoned, even if it’s just from visiting the best stoner website, then you know there are certain “behaviors” that come out while high. Obviously these don’t apply to everyone, but there are just some things that are extremely challenging to do while high, and dang near impossible to do when absolutely baked. Now if you want to challenge yourself and attempt to debunk this list, you are welcome to do so by all means. But don’t say we don’t warn you of the difficulty– and even sheer impossibility– of doing these things while you are stoned!


Keep from laughing in serious situationsSeth Rogen

Getting high just before a lecture, a meeting, a court hearing, or a funeral is almost never a good idea for so many reasons. But perhaps the most compelling is the sheer impossibility of keeping it together without bursting out in giggles. The worst thing about it is that you simply can’t do anything to stop yourself from doing so, and there is no way to stop once you get started.


This is the endTalk to strangers comfortably

You can be as blazed as you can be and chat it up with your mates all day, but throw a stranger into the mix and see how quickly everyone clams up! This shouldn’t be a problem if you are the confident and outgoing type, but not everyone is wired that way.


HalfBakedFind your way in a grocery

Have you ever popped into a grocery just to pick up one or two items quickly? If you were high, chances are that you spent a lot longer in there than you had planned. You can be a master shopper with long years of experience navigating stubborn carts through the aisles, but you might as well be hacking your way through the Amazon jungles if you try to do it stoned! If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to do some quick shopping while stoned, you might want to allot a little bit more time than you think you will need.


Keep cool in front of authority figures


You’ve probably seen this in at least one stoner movie (Super Troopers, Half-Baked, etc.). Never mind if weed is legal in your state; ff you are high and you come across some type of authority figure, you would very likely have some difficulty keeping it together. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a police officer. Even teachers and older relatives can be sources of anxiety, and they can really get in the way of a good buzz. If you can face up to such figures without twitching or otherwise losing it, then you definitely should be congratulated!

Parallel park

How our high parallel parking always ends up.

Expert drivers shouldn’t have a problem with this, but the rest of us mere mortals definitely do. Everyone who tries to park a car whilst stoned knows that it can be a terribly frustrating experience that seems to stretch out with no end. The sheer panic that one feels when cars begin to pile up and onlookers begin to gawk is something that any decent stoner wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.





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