Introducing Bound 3, folks. Kanye recently released a music video that had lots of topless shots of Kim Kardashian (you can’t really see anything) on a motorcycle kissing Kayne. Here’s their video below:



The video is pretty ehh, but whatever. But then Seth Rogen and James Franco, two of our favorite stoner celebrities, decided to do a parody of it. And it’s hilarious. Seth Rogen goes shirtless, ala Kim, and imitates all of her orgasm faces and seductive smiles, while Franco’s take on being a tough rapper is so low-key it’s almost the funniest part. Either Kanye’s dance moves are just really ridiculous when we see someone else do them, or the man must be able to make even dumb things look great. Either way, Franco makes Kanye look like a fool.

But Kim, at least, seems to have a sense of humor about it. She tweeted Seth Rogen this morning:



Check the parody video out below:


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