Sarah Silverman is known for her tendency to shock. The profane actress delights in blunt left-wing political activism, and her TV appearances set the standard for lowbrow standup comedy.

At the Emmys this year, Silverman took the natural next step and publicly showed off her marijuana stash.

Sarah SilvermanThe comedian pulled out her vape pen during a red carpet interview with E! News.

During the segment, the show’s host, Giuliana Rancic, rifled through Silverman’s purse. Rancic quickly uncovered the vape pen, and the comedian proudly acknowledged it was filled with liquid weed.

‘This is my pot,” Silverman said. “It’s liquid pot.” She then identified the contents of her purse as “phone and pot and gum.”

Silverman told a stunned Rancic she carried the pen with her everywhere so she could have “a puff here and there at the Governor’s Ball, or what have you.” The Governor’s Ball was an after-party that followed the Emmys.

Vape pens, which work like e-cigarettes, heat a liquid THC concentrate until it produces a water vapor. The vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like smoke, but it’s much easier on the lungs.

The devices have become increasingly popular as growing numbers of stoners look for a health-conscious way to consume cannabis. Silverman said she can’t drink because alcohol hurts her stomach, and marijuana makes the perfect alternative.

“I don’t drink because it gives me a stomach ache,” she explained. “I try all the time, it looks good and I feel like I would have fun being drunk, but I have a Jewish stomach.”

The night got even better for Silverman when she won a writing Emmy for her HBO standup special, Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles. As soon as her name was announced, she kicked off her shoes and ran to the podium barefoot. Her speech included the cosmic pondering that “we are all just molecules and hurling through space right now.”

Sarah SilvermanThe comedian’s antics had the audience buzzing. Actress Anna Kendrick tweeted during the show, “Silverman is Barefoot and #HAF [high as fuck]. Live your life girl!”

Sadly, Silverman didn’t vape on stage, but her pot pen drew national headlines. Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in California, and Silverman has a doctor’s recommendation for the drug.

Weed is becoming increasingly mainstream, with the industry now advertising on television and Hollywood celebrities gushing over their favorite strains. Christian Rado, whose company makes Silverman’s favorite pen, said the product allows people to ingest pot almost anywhere rather than having to “slink off somewhere secluded.”

“Seeing her Monday night was pretty awesome,” Rado said.


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