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There are some things you can’t do without when it comes to weed. A lighter. Marijuana. A pipe. And, of course, rolling papers. | Raw Rolling Papers ReviewPapers come in many brands and varieties. And no two choices are exactly the same. The best things about rolling papers: A pack usually includes dozens of papers, so you shouldn’t run out for a while. And unlike pipes, there’s no cleaning.

Here are a few of the major brands:

ZigZags: This brand is a household name, even for non-smokers. ZigZags are made from standard wood pulp, and they lead the market.

Elements: These folks make some of the thinnest papers in the industry in several sizes. They’re made out of rice, and that makes for a more pleasant experience.

Raw: A relative newcomer to the market, these papers are very thin and provide one of the smoothest smokes available.

Bambu: This is another longtime player, and a big one. Their papers are also incredibly thin and they come in a wide variety of sizes, from regular to absolutely massive.

Smaller papers, obviously, make for smaller joints, but they’re also easier to roll. Several manufacturers make extra-large, blunt-size papers, especially Bambu and Raw.

Bambu’s largest paper was used to line the inside of a Cheech & Chong comedy album in the 1970s. Try making a J out of that!

Raw papers come in four sizes: single wide, 1¼ inch, 1½ inch, and king size slim. Bambu offers regular, big, extra, and double wide.

boobs joint rollingUsing a rolling paper is simple. Lay it on a flat surface – a table, a countertop, a rolling tray – with the wet strip facing up and positioned away from your body. Place at least a gram of weed into the paper’s crease.

Now rub the opposing sides together until the pot is rolled into a tight cylinder shape. Lick the wet strip and seal. Twist off one end of the joint. If you like, you can add a roach to the other end of your cigarette or, better yet, roll it into the joint.

Good papers provide a clean, smooth way to enjoy marijuana, and they’re perfect for convenience. You can get them almost anywhere, and you can carry them wherever you go.


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