Type: Indica.

Genetics: Hindu Kush X Purple Afgani.

Appearance: Purple, hairy and trichome covered.

Smell: Smells like a Kush. Very potent aroma.

Purple Kush

Potency: Hang on to your hats, smokers.  The smoke is heavy and very high in THC.

Taste: With such a heavy smoke, it’s easy to miss the taste, which is HEAVY and POTENT.

Summary: Purple Kush scores very high marks, easily a 4.5/5.



This Indica is only practical for night use.  If you suffer from insomnia, this is the strain for you.  It’s also good for stress relief and anxiety.  But again, this is a heavy strain.  Definitely not a wake and bake choice.  Do not operate anything while on this potent Indica.  Just fall into a quality sleep.


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