Type: Hybrid- Indica dominant.Rock Candy Wax

Genetics: Trainwreck X OG Kush.

Appearance: Pale yellow.

Smell: Lemons.

Potency: Easily a 5/5 for potency. Very potent.

Taste: Definitely some lemony-pine flavors, especially in the after-taste.

Summary: Rock Candy hits easily, but is very potent. Be ready for a good, deep trip.



Don’t anticipate you’ll be able to function much beyond general staggering around. You’ll get hungry and you’ll feel mellow, which comes as no surprise given the indica dominant influence on the parent strain. Just be ready to be stationary, because this wax will have you going nowhere. Pair with a KO Domeless Nail so you don’t have to halt mid-dab. Because the hit is so deceptively smooth you may underestimate how high you actually are, so give yourself a few minutes after the second dab to gauge where you’re at.


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