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Find out which candidates back legalization, who to vote for if you’re rooting for rec, and the government’s latest moves in the cannabis marketplace with our articles focused on politics.

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legalization highly likely new jersey

New Poll Suggests Legalization Is Highly Likely in New Jersey This Year

Marijuana legalization efforts have curiously languished in two states: New York and New Jersey. While there’s sentiment, the political will has been strangely lacking...
Biden would give states federal aid to expunge marijuana convictions

Biden Would Give Federal Aid to States Expunging Criminal Marijuana Records

The U.S. has slowly seen a transformation in the conversation around cannabis, going from a peak of anti-weed sentiment in the 1990’s to states...
us military former cannabis users reenlist

US Military Could Soon Allow Former Cannabis Users to Re-Enlist

A consequence of cannabis being illegal at the Federal level is that jobs involving the Feds will involve scrutiny of one’s past drug history....
oregon vote decriminalizing all drugs november 2020

Oregon Residents Will Vote on Decriminalizing All Drugs in November Election

Around the U.S. voters have had opportunities to vote on state laws, and in many cases in the past decade they’ve chosen to legalize...
legalized marijuana essential police reform

Legalizing Weed Is Essential For Real Police Reform, Bernie Sanders Says

America’s harmful War On Drugs didn’t just damage communities by throwing people in jail for long sentences due to low-level drug crimes, it weakened...

70% of Americans Agree Cannabis Use Is Morally Acceptable

It seems that a few decades can really make a difference in public opinion. In the dawn of the 20th century, the powers that...
states most likely legalize weed november 2020

The 4 States Most Likely To Legalize Weed This November

The waves of legalization across the U.S. have come after years of protests, lawsuits, documentaries, petitions, media campaigns, grassroots activism, leadership, and political dealing....
dispensaries affected by civil unrest

Dispensaries Nationwide Affected By Civil Unrest

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the massive protests across the U.S. in the wake of the...

It’s no secret marijuana reform on a federal level will change the game, and it’s a hot topic of debate in congressional hearings for good reason. State laws are all over the place, with some states honoring rec and medical marijuana while others have yet to embrace either.

Candidates’ stance on marijuana legalization and decriminalization is a huge factor in today’s elections. Flip-flopping is a serious let down for voters and advocates who believe they have support, and it seems to happen frequently, so it’s important to follow the news before casting your vote.

Criminal justice reform is another hot topic when it comes to cannabis and politics. Thousands are incarcerated or carrying records that get in the way of progressing in life for crimes that, in some states, are no longer illegal. Some leaders make advocating for these people a priority and are working to put plans in action that will relinquish past crimes and release those incarcerated for non-violent possession charges.

Here, you can stay educated before casting your vote, follow states like New York and California as their leaders pave the way to marijuana possession reform, and keep up to date on the latest bills that influence the stoner lifestyle.

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