Medical Marijuana News

If medical marijuana is not yet legal in your state, the chances are that it won’t be long until it is.

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dispensary shut down owner caught selling meth

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There are always going to be people that abuse the system. There are people that abuse the welfare system, the “please-only-take-one-sample” policy, and many...

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New generations are taking control. A recent Gallup survey reports that only 15 percent of adults have smoked cigarettes in the past week, just...
buying cbd considerations to make

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Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is now available across the United States after Congress legalized hemp. This has opened the door to a flood of products...
americans prefer try new drugs summer months

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Summer not only implies a long-needed break from sitting in a classroom day after day, but a time for rebellion and newfound freedom. There’s...

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Let’s talk terpenes. You know about cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, but terpenes are hydrocarbons found in many plants (mostly conifers) and...
us government growing largest marijuana crop

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For decades, the U.S. government had prohibitions on cannabis research. Whether it was for political reasons or simply due to the legality...
maryland first medical marijuana lounge

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Fells Point, a trendy neighborhood along the Patapsco River in Baltimore, may be the new location of Maryland’s first Medical Cannabis Lounge...