Some days, a little weed makes everything better. Food, music, other people – they all just take on a more pleasant form when you’re stoned. Life becomes simpler, easier to enjoy.

Everyone has a favorite time for pot. Some folks wake and bake, while others toke when stress starts to pile up. And some just smoke through everything. Here are four moments in everyday life that go so much better with bud.

1. Waking Up

Wake and Bake

How do you make sure a stoner gets up on time? Put a fat joint on his bedside table and wait. No way he’ll go more than eight hours before he wakes up and puts the thing to good use.

The “wake and bake,” as it’s commonly known, is a staple of daily existence for many stoners. It makes sure every day starts off on just the right note, and it does away with those workday jitters.

Drinking in the morning is usually a sign of a serious problem. Smoking weed before noon – well, that’s just a way of life. And really, what’s the worst that could happen – you run out of Pop Tarts?

2. Running Errands

James Franco in The Pineapple Express

A good sativa is ideal if you plan to spend the day running errands on foot or by public transportation – not so much if you’re going to spend the day behind the wheel.

Sativa is well known for its bubbly, heady effects, the perfect complement to a day spent tcob. Every stop is a miniature adventure, a brand new place to feel good. Even a routine trip to the grocery store can be a lot more fun when your stomach is in charge.

3. Eating


Does it need to be said? It’s no coincidence that marijuana is used to treat wasting in AIDS patients and other people who need to gain weight. Marijuana is probably the world’s single most effective appetite booster.

The fine people at Frito Lay can attest to this fact. It’s called the munchies, and you probably have them right now.

But don’t waste this lovely combination of high and hungry only on junk food. Light up before fine meals, too. Hell, use any eating opportunity as an excuse to toke.

4. Watching TV

Marijuana Television

TV, as Newton Minow famously said, is a wasteland. So what better place to be wasted?

Let’s be honest: If you smoke weed on a regular basis, odds are pretty good you also watch a lot of television. There’s just so much of it, all the time, and some of it is even half decent.

Plus, there’s a long tradition of marijuana-themed TV down the generations. It started on the big screen with Reefer Madness, but storylines from Dragnet to Modern Family have brought cannabis to the masses since the early days of broadcast.

Whether your thing is the “Just Say No” narrative arc of the 1980s, the subversive if wholesome humor of the 1990s, or the blunt weed jokes of today’s shows, pot is always there for you on the tube, just like it is every day, in real life.


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